What is INB?

Many hands make light work. Ambition drives to progress.

The International Network Business is a structure that brings together people with the aim of achieving a better balance between professional and personal life. For this, they choose to take advantage of better opportunities and connections.

What are the benefits of being part of INB?

Integrating a project with the INB dimension guarantees you access to professional (career) and financial achievements. Entering this business allows you to: 

  • Establish a parallel professional activity, obtaining a double monthly income
  • Belong to INB's network of professional contacts
  • business opportunities
  • Expect forprofits
  • Get AMZ Coins (cryptocoins), diversity and access to other business areas
Join to INB!

The sharing of objectives creates strong relationships.

INB is a dynamic company, where people relate and organise, sharing common values. It is a network that enables horizontal and vertical relationships, where common objectives are achieved and where synergies are transversal.

Here, knowledge and expertise are shared. There is convergence of interests and efforts to achieve personal and common goals. There is focus, there is the desire to go further and there is the guarantee of access to an INB career progression plan through a simple membership system.