About us

The International Network Business

INB consists of a product sales accelerator, in which anyone can become financially independent, based on its network of contacts and well-structured working tools.


On May 5, 2020 was INB's launching day to offer the possibility to any client to participate in the crypto market, through the Affiliate Marketing model and where the promotion of business and partnerships is privileged.


INB promotes the generation of revenues, encapsulated in Slots to access AMZCoins (the cryptocoin created by Visionaria group). It works with career plans, dynamics and results directly proportional to one's ambitions.


Other products will emerge soon and all exchanges and interactions will work within the Affiliate Marketing model.


INB's main mission is to provide a work tool for those who want to achieve extra profitability (either part-time to complement their professional life or as a main activity). INB, dedicated to the commercialization of innovative products (from the crypto world and beyond), manages to create the necessary conditions so that the possibility of high profits is within everyone's reach.

'Creating conditions' is one of the major objectives and cuts across the entire ecosystem. Along with the promotion of personal and interpersonal development, INB's mission is to give and leverage all the support to customers and partners, providing experiences in a win-win process.


By fulfilling our mission, focus and work, INB wants to be a differentiated and differentiating platform in the path of customers and partners.

INB intends to be a reference in the global Networking Business market for constant innovation, process excellence, the energy generated among all participants and, above all, for the improvement of the quality of life of all those involved.


What moves us is to know that we can have a decisive influence on the life of those who choose to be part of ours.

Strong relationships are those based on trust and transparency - we only want to have strong relationships.

Motivation, determination, mutual help and respect can only result in excellence - we want nothing else.