In the INB universe, products are based on sustainable growth, based on a business model with visible benefits for all customers. The first INB Network Business is "Pool Access". Other products are being designed and there are two constant premises: INB Business is Innovative and Access is the key word.



The first Network Business INB consists of the distribution, during 1,000 days (from 13 May 2020 to 7 February 2023), of 100,000 AMZCoins/day by the number of Slots existing each day.

AMZ Coin is a cryptocoin, powered by EOS technology, that has emerged within the Visionaria group to facilitate transactions within the various platforms. It has created greater agility for payments and receipts, and opened a huge window of business opportunities in the crypto world.


Each investor can buy the products that gives him or her access to AMZ Pool Slots, and is buying opportunities. The value of all cryptocoins is variable, which is also why access to the AMZ Pool Slots is available. Naturally, those with more Slots have more opportunities to apply their .

How to profit from the Slots acquisition?

Depending on the product purchased, you can get more or less AMZ Coins for the contracted number of days. To make a profit, it's simple and just choose:

  • Exchange for World Pool Tokens
  • Exchange for CollCoins
  • Transacting AMZ Coins at CollubusPro’ Exchange (or others)

Why did INB chose the Affiliate Marketing strategy to sale its products and services?

Is the crypto market interesting? Yes, it is the fastest growing industry in recent decades, with a proven margin for success without system failures.

Is the Affiliate Market seductive? Of course, when we work together we get better results. By helping our clients with common goals, we ensure that the opportunities for success happen. Win-Win.